Iris Kaingu arrested

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Police on Friday 2nd November 2011 arrested Iris Kaingu and her alleged partner “Teddy Malekani”, previously identified as “Nathan Silenga” for appearing in obscene material. Lusaka Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga said the detention is to help police with their investigation into the matter.
Iris Kaingu
Kaingu and her partner appeared in a 16 minute sexual video that has been circulated all over Zambia and is available on the internet. The video is the first public Zambian porno and has intrigued the nation. While Zambian laws specifically prohibit the production and distribution of pornography, many in the nation have expressed sympathy for the couple. Iris and her boyfriend made the video for private consumption but the video was leaked to the public by their friends.

It is of the opinion of Lusaka Today that by arresting the pair, the police are doing their job by the letter of the law. However, given the circumstances, we believe that Kaingu has already been shamed enough and any additional punishment is not necessary.  Kaingu has to overcome the stigma of appearing in a sex video and try to lead a normal life again, a feat that will be huge challenge.

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  1. Maikalange, 2 years ago Reply

    … I think they should be freed. They did not distribute the video. They are innocent. She has suffered enough — let her go.
    Besides, they showed that sex can be fun. Where is that women’s group that can’t keep their men interested. They should learn from Iris and entertain their men.

    Let her go! Free Iris!

    By the way, GROW UP PEOPLE, IT IS JUST SEX!!!

  2. Amour, 2 years ago Reply

    I feel sorry for you Maikalange.i wish you understood the seriousness of sex,it is much more than just a fun activity.God created sex for holy martimony,a union between husband and involves soul ties.thats why the Bible says the two shall be one.those kids had no right to have sex in the first place and secondly do it for the public to see,why should people record their sexual acts if its just for them.this kind of foolishness should not be tolarated.they have no respect for God,their parents,themselves and no respect for the law ane humanity as a whole.they are not at all innocent!

  3. lucky msiska-emmasdale, 2 years ago Reply

    there’s no harm in watching porn if it’d been used to arouse sexual desires between a couple it only becomes lethal if it’s been watched by someone with no control of there sex drive this is what leads to rape

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